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Parliamentary awareness day for your MP 26th November

Following PH Awareness Week, the PHA UK parliamentary awareness day, supported by Actelion Pharmaceuticals UK,  is a fantastic opportunity to really put pulmonary hypertension under the spotlight and keep the conversation going


We’d love MPs from across the UK to come along and find out more about living with PH, and we will ask them to sign a pledge to:

  1. Support the 4 aims for positive change of the PHocus 2021 campaign:
  • reduce time to diagnosis
  • improve quality of life
  • ensure equity of access to treatments
  • reduce financial hardship
  1. Raise the profile of PH in Parliament
  2. Get MPs to ask parliamentary questions to ministers about disease management

**The awareness day will take place from 2-4pm, Room Q, Portcullis House on Monday 26th November**



We are asking you to write a short letter or email to your local MP, with a line about PH and how it affects you and your life, and ask them to attend this event.  You can be affected with PH or as a carer, relative, friend of someone with PH.

Your MP is very likely to respond positively to a personal letter from you.  If you are not sure who your MP is then click here to find out.  Add your postcode, then click on your MPs name. You can email your MP direct from the link. If you need some ideas about the sort of thing to write then you can download these samples, but the more personal you can make your letter/email, then the more engaged your MP will be!

Please let us know you have contacted your MP by filling out the very quick form below.

When you receive a response from your MP, we’d be really grateful if you could email so we know who to expect on the day! 


This event is supported by Actelion Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd October 2018


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