PH awareness week 2016 19th-27th November

PH Awareness Week 19th-27th November 2016

Our first ever PH Awareness Week UK takes place from Saturday November 19th until Sunday November 27th. Here’s how you can get involved and get everybody talking about PH.

The aim is to help everyone affected by pulmonary hypertension to share their experience of living with the condition and raise awareness amongst friends, family, neighbours and health professionals across their community.

If you would like to join in, there are lots of things you can do. For example, you could engage in the big PH conversation on social media; invite your friends and neighbours around for a chat about PH; talk about PH at work, share your PH story with your local newspaper and radio station or write a letter direct to your local GP practice or MP.

See the menu on the left for some easy ways to get involved in PH Week 2016, and let’s get the conversation started!

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Want to know more?

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You can also email us on or call the PHA UK Resource Centre on 01709 761450

“Lots of people tell us they can feel very frustrated about how little some of the people closest to them within their own communities, workplaces and families know and understand about what living with PH means – and how they never seem to get around to sitting down and having a conversation about. That is what PH Awareness Week is all about – reaching out to everyone and helping people seize the opportunity to ‘Talk about PH’.”

Iain Armstrong, Chair, PHA UK

Read our ten great ways to get involved in the latest issue of Emphasis magazine – and check out the downloadable tools on the left!

Last medically reviewed: November, 2016 • Due for review: November, 2019