PH awareness week 2016 19th-27th November

Talk to your local media

Tell your local newspaper, radio station and TV news channel about your story and how you are supporting the UK’s first ever PH Awareness Week.

We’ve put together a press release to tell the media about PH – why not send them this, along with an email or letter that shares your personal reasons for supporting the awareness week?

Download the press release here

It’s always a good idea to send an email or letter with a press release, and you can use this opportunity to explain why you are supporting PH Awareness Week. Journalists like stories about local people, so they will be interested in what you have to say. We’ve put together a template email or letter to help you.

Download the letter / email here

Make sure you contact the media early– ideally the week beginning 14th November. This will allow journalists to plan ahead and will give the best chance of coverage.

You will be able to find contact details for your local media online. A journalist may want to talk to you to find out more, so don’t forget to include your phone number and / or email address when you contact them. This is a great way of raising awareness of PH!

If you would like any advice on contacting your local media, you can talk to our friends at Capital B Media. Contact Mary Ferguson on 01226 766900 or email

Last medically reviewed: November, 2016 • Due for review: November, 2019