Peaks4PHA set to put the ‘fun’ into fundraising

PHA UK member Paul Harris will be supporting his brother when he treks 50 miles across the country in one day dressed as a nurse – all in the name of charity.

Fancy dress fan Mark Harris is rounding up friends to join him in his Peaks4PHA challenge, which will see them cross the hills from Cheshire to Sheffield to raise money for PHA UK

The group will complete the trek on 6th August, setting off at 3am, and have a fundraising target of £5,000.  They will start from Alsager in Cheshire from the Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK office in Alsager, Cheshire, which is the village in which the brothers grew up. They will finish at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, where Paul is treated for his PH, at around 10pm.

Paul was diagnosed in September last year, and spent nearly three months in hospital. He said: “I’m happy that Mark is organising the challenge to support PHA UK, even though it’s difficult circumstances that have led him to do it. We are very close as brothers as there is only a few years between us, and we even worked together for seven years. I was hoping to be able to walk with him, but I’m not sure that will be possible, so I’m happy I’m still able to be part of the challenge in other ways.”

Paul will greet the walkers in layby’s every few miles to offer plasters, refreshments and moral support with his sister Claire. The group have marked out pubs along the route, and over the next few weeks Paul will visit them to drop off PHA UK collection tins, on his way to hospital appointments. These will then be collected in by the group along the way.

Paul added: “I think it’s great that the walkers will be dressing as nurses in recognition of the fantastic team at the Hallamshire. I’ve had so much support from them – everyone from the cleaners and catering staff, to the physio’s, doctors, nurses and consultants, have been fantastic. Their emotional support has been really important to me. You develop good relationships when you’re admitted for such a long period of time, and it makes such a difference that I feel so comfortable going back for appointments.”

You can support the Peaks4PHA challenge by visiting Paul’s Just Giving page here

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