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Advice for people with PH over the festive season

Posted on December 20th 2021

Interview recorded Monday 20th December

Following a weekend of both record infection numbers and record booster numbers, we caught up with PH consultant Dr Mark Toshner to ask what he thinks people with pulmonary hypertension should be doing over the festive season.

Dr Toshner’s key messages:

  • It’s important that people with PH avoid this wave over the next 6-8 weeks
  • There will be better times ahead, but you need to think very carefully about managing your risk right now
  • Do not reduce your interaction with healthcare professionals. If you feel unwell, let someone know. Your PH team (and the wider NHS) is there for you and ‘open for business’.

To minimise risk during the festive season, Dr Toshner recommends:

  • Taking lateral flow tests before meeting others (and ensuring those you meet do the same)
  • Checking whether those you are meeting have been vaccinated (and boosted)
  • Thinking carefully about how many people you meet
  • Keeping as generally well as possible – which includes ensuring you are taking your prescribed medications and that you have a good stock for the holiday season