Charity partnership helping PH patients cope with anxiety

PHA UK has a partnership with Anxiety UK, through which our members can access services to help them deal with feelings of anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression.

Anxiety UK is a national charity which supports those living with anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression by providing information and support.

A diagnosis of a physical condition like PH can often also have an emotional impact, which is where Anxiety UK can help.

Through our partnership with them, PHA UK members receive free access to their dedicated PHA Infoline on 0844 332 9010.   Anyone feeling anxious or stressed and in need of some guidance can phone this number between the hours of 9.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

PHA UK members may also receive free assessment and therapy provision if more emotional support is needed. This may be accessed either direct though the Infoline or via referrals from PH teams working with pulmonary hypertension patients and their families.

For those accessing therapy, a limited number of free subscriptions to lifestyle app Headspace are also available. Headspace is a digital tool, accessed via a computer or smart phone, which uses proven meditation and mindfulness techniques to help users train their minds in order to reduce stress and anxiety.

All of the above is free to PHA UK members. To find out more, including how you can join Anxiety UK individually for additional benefits, you can call their team on 0844 332 9010 or visit

Last medically reviewed: June, 2016 • June, 2019