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The 2.6 challenge: Can you help us?

The 2.6 challenge has been launched to help charities that are suffering a downturn in fundraising because of the Covid-19 pandemic and is based around the premise of a marathon – which is 26.2 miles.

Starting Sunday 26th April (the day the London Marathon should have taken place), could you complete a challenge based around the numbers two and six and donate to the PHA UK? Our work to support people living with pulmonary hypertension has never been more important, and we need your help.

You could be sponsored by friends and family, or you could simply complete the challenge and make a donation of your own. The choice is yours!

The challenge can be anything you like and can be chosen to suit all ages and physical capabilities.

Here are just some ideas:

  • Walk 2.6 miles
  • Clock up 26.2 miles on your bike over the course of a week
  • Run or walk up and down your street 26 times

If you are shielding, you can still take part. Here are some ideas of what you can do you in your home:

  • Bake 26 cupcakes
  • Complete 26 ‘sit-to-stands’ in your living room (This video may help)
  • Walk 26 laps of your garden
  • Complete 260 star jumps
  • Flip a pancake 26 times

Get the family involved by encouraging the kids to complete a 260 minute silence, bake 26 cookies or hop 26 times around the garden. The possibilities are endless!

You’ll find lots more ideas here

Collecting your sponsorship or making your donation

The easiest way to collect sponsorship is via Just Giving. Friends and family can sponsor you from their homes and the money comes straight to us.

You can also make a donation directly by clicking here

It doesn’t matter how much you donate; every penny is truly appreciated.

Share your fundraising!

Let us know how you have been helping by emailing or by sharing your pics and videos with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Use the hashtags #TwoPointSixChallenge and #TogetherForPH

Last medically reviewed: April, 2020 • Due for review: April, 2023