Accessing PH care during the lockdown

Interview recorded January 2020

As the winter lockdown continues, PH experts Dr John Wort and Iain Armstrong share their advice on making the most of specialist care.

Key points:

  • Specialist centres are still very much ‘open for business’ and you should contact your team if you need help, advice or support. Please don’t be put off contacting them because you think they are too busy; they want to help.
  • Clinics are still running, but mostly via telephone or video call.
  • Please prepare for these telephone or video appointments as much as possible, ideally using the preparation form available here
  • If you are asked to provide information to your specialist that would normally be obtained in a face-to-face clinic (such as your weight, or other clinical letters) please do so as this will help them deliver the best care for you.
  • Specialist centres are recommending that every patient with pulmonary hypertension has a vaccine when they are offered one. They do not have concerns about safety.
  • Hang in there! Things will improve and the vaccines are a game-changer that will take us out of the pandemic and back to some normality. Keep shielding and keep the faith.

Download your remote appointment preparation form here or call the PHA UK office on 01709 761450 for a printed copy

Last medically reviewed: January, 2021 • Due for review: January, 2024