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EmPHAsis on Air: Episode #3 available now!

Hit the play button above to listen to episode 3 of the new podcast from the PHA UK.

Inspired by our award-winning member magazine EmPHAsis (see what we did there?!) EmPHAsis on Air brings you chat, advice, interviews and analysis with the PHA UK team.

In this episode, we explain how our PH community plays such an important role in our research – and why it matters so much.

Plus, if you’re planning to support us with a challenge or event next year, listen to our associate designer run through everything you can expect from one of our new fundraising kits. Request yours for free here.

And of course, we’ll be telling you about what has made us smile recently. You’ll find a clue here 😉

EmPHAsis on Air is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible and more – where you can listen to previous episodes too.  Don’t forget to subscribe!

Let us know what you think to our new podcast by emailing office@phauk.org (be gentle!)