New guide to financial support for you and your family

PHA UK has put together a financial benefits guide to help you negotiate the minefield of benefit entitlement and receive what you deserve.

Having pulmonary hypertension, or being a caregiver for someone with PH, can present many financial challenges and working out what benefits you may be entitled to is not always easy.

This is why we’ve developed a guide to help you navigate potential support, whatever your situation.


Bringing benefits to life

The new benefits guide has been brought to life with scenarios based around common real-life situations, to make it easier than ever to identify what you may be entitled to.


Top tips and benefits calculator

Top tips from our director of membership support Shaun Clayton feature throughout the guide, and you’ll also find useful information on our handy benefits calculator, brought to you through our welfare charity partner, Turn2Us. The calculator, which is available by visiting, flags up all the benefits that are likely to be applicable to you, plus information on how to apply for them.


The WHO Functional Class

The financial support you receive will depend on many factors, including how severe your condition is and how much it affects day-to-day life for you and your family. The section of the guide on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) functional class explains more about this to help you.


Important definitions

When making your application it’s important to take into account some key words that governing bodies will look for when reviewing an application. In the guide, you’ll find important definitions so you’re well-prepared when you come to fill out your application.


Appeals process

It’s very common for people with PH to have to go through an appeals process if their initial application is rejected. The process is broken down into three sections within the guide. Staggeringly, around 80 per cent of people who appeal eventually get what they deserve, so if your application is turned down initially- don’t give up.


To request your free copy of the financial benefits guide, please contact

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Last medically reviewed: March, 2017 • March, 2020