Be part of our special video

Will you be part of our special ‘one word’ video?

We want to tell the world what it’s like to have PH and we need you to help us. We’d love you to send us a short video clip of you describing pulmonary hypertension in just one word.

Your clip may just be a few seconds long, filmed on your phone, but we promise that with them all edited together – and shared far and wide – it will make a real difference. (TIP: Turn the phone round so you film yourself in landscape mode)

Don’t want to film yourself? You can write your word on a piece of paper and send us a photo of you holding it instead.

We’d love to see little phighters getting involved with this too; we want to show that PH affects people of all ages – including children.  PH doesn’t discriminate, but society can.

Send your ‘one word’ video clips or photos to

Last medically reviewed: September, 2020 • Due for review: September, 2023