Make a pledge

Can you make a promise for PH? Fill in this short online form and your pledge will appear for the world to see.

This is also a fantastic opportunity to ask your MP to publicly show their support for people with PH. Use this template letter to write to them or send them an email and ask them to make a pledge.

You can also tweet them during PH Week to ask them, using the following words: Hi @(nameofMP) – I live in your constituency & have #pulmonaryhypertension (PH). This week (2-8 Nov) is PH Awareness Week – could you take 2 mins to make an online pledge to support people like me? #PHWeek20 #RareButThere

Find out who your MP is, and what their contact details are,  here

Once you’ve made your pledge, or seen that your MP has, you can use the buttons to share it on your social media channels if you wish.


Last medically reviewed: September, 2020 • Due for review: September, 2023