Get blogging

Why not raise awareness by blogging about your experiences? Even if you don’t keep a regular blog, PH Week is a great opportunity to express your thoughts around PH and help people understand more about it.

Please send your blog to and we will try to publish as many as possible on our sister website,

You can write about anything you feel passionate about – how has having PH impacted your life? What difference has your care and treatment made? How have you learned to adapt? What do you wish people understood about PH?

Your blog might be a chance to publicly thank those who support you – your family, friends, colleagues or healthcare team. It might be a public message to those who judge people with invisible illnesses, or a chance to share your tips for living well with PH. Your thoughts and opinions matter!

Need some inspiration? Take a look at these blogs by PHA UK members Tess and Sarah and Carole and Kathryn

TOP TIP: Vlogging can be a really effective way of sharing your story too! If you have a smartphone, simply film yourself (or ask someone to do it for you) and post to your social media channels. Don’t forget to tag us in!

Want more advice about blogging? We’ve made this special video to help:

Last medically reviewed: October, 2019 • Due for review: October, 2022