Write to your GP practice

Helping medical professionals understand more about pulmonary hypertension is important, and PH Week is a great opportunity to help promote our medical education programme.

‘Pulmonary Hypertension – diagnosis and management’ is accredited by Edge Hill University and is suitable for GPs, hospital doctors, nurses, pharmacists and healthcare workers across all disciplines.

The best way to help promote the course is to write to the practice manager at your local GP surgery, letting them know it is free for any healthcare practitioner who signs up in November.

You can download a template letter, and add your personal details, here

Send it with a leaflet that tells them all about the course, or print some off and drop them at reception next time you pass the surgery.  Download the leaflet here

TIP: Why not include some PH Week posters when you send them the letter and leaflet?

Last medically reviewed: October, 2019 • Due for review: October, 2022