PH patient launches petition to boost organ donation

A PHA UK member who had a double lung transplant four years ago has launched a petition calling for all UK residents to be automatically placed on the organ donor register.

Natalie Kerr, 34, lives in Adlington, Lancashire and received her life saving double lung transplant four years ago in 2012. She has now created a petition that calls on the government to change the law so that everyone is automatically placed on the register, with the option to remove themselves if they wish.  Currently, people have to opt in.

Natalie, who has two children – Brandon, 13 and Isabelle, eight – said: “I am passionate about organ donation as it saved my life. My donor was a 52-year-old lady and she is my hero as she has given me extra time with my children. Sadly, however, I see that many people aren’t as lucky as me and don’t get this second chance, purely because not enough people are joining the organ donor register. This pushed me to start this petition as I want to use what happened to me to make a difference.”

Natalie’s petition already has over 2000 signatures. The petition is open until 28th October and if it reaches 10,000 signatures government will respond. If it reaches 100,000 signatures it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Natalie added: “When I was placed on the active transplant list I faced a real possibility that I would die if a match wasn’t found and I began making plans to say goodbye to my children, which was heart-breaking. Doctors told me one in three people die whilst waiting for a transplant, simply due to the shortage of organs being available.  I’m determined to help change this by spreading the word and getting those 10,000 signatures.”

You can sign Natalie’s petition here

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