PH research presentation wins prize

A presentation about research into metabolite levels in blood samples from PH patients has won its presenter financial support to attend a medical conference.

Clinical research fellow Dr Pavandeep Ghataorhe of Imperial College, based at Hammersmith Hospital, spoke at last year’s Pulmonary Hypertension Physicians’ Research Forum in London.

This annual forum is an opportunity for those involved in developing better treatment for people with PH to share research, experience and ideas.

Pavandeep updated doctors, nurses and other health professionals from across the UK on her research project. This study involves measuring metabolites in the blood of patients with PH; tracing how they are affected by, and predict the course of, the disease – and how they can measure levels of PH treatments and medications.

The research works with donated blood samples from about 400 PH patients and aims to advance our knowledge and understanding of PH’s impact on the body – and informs how we treat it.

Pavandeep’s contribution was awarded the PHA UK prize for the Physician’s Forum, which means she will now receive a £1,000 grant to cover the cost of her participation in a national or international research event. The prize supports her ambition to share her research findings as far as possible.

Pavandeep said: “I’m very grateful to receive this prize from PHA UK which will enable us to take our research experience and its findings to an international forum and share it with other professionals.

“I’d also like to thank the hundreds of PH patients who donate blood samples to our biobank and make this long term analysis possible. The input of patients and the funding support from PHA UK is hugely significant and much appreciated.”

Pavandeep is already booked to present at the American Thoracic Society conference in San Francisco in May. She hopes to publish her research study data within the next year.

Pavandeep is a cardiology registrar, who is currently studying for a PhD, and has worked with PH patients for several years.


Last medically reviewed: May, 2016 • May, 2019