PHA UK and Brexit – a message from your charity

Whether you were on the remain camp or leave camp, we can all agree that leaving the European Union is going to have a profound effect on the UK for generations to come.

PHA UK Chair Iain Armstrong and director Shaun Clayton have just attended a workshop, run by the Directory of Social Change, around how PHA UK could mitigate any potential risk to the charity sector caused by Brexit.

Whilst there, we heard a lot of ‘big’ charities express concern that £200m of EU funding would diminish, and that they would need to become more inventive to raise funds for themselves – which included paying more attention to their memberships.

Advice given included ‘attempt surveys’, ‘listen to your membership’, ‘try having the small charity mentality’ and ‘build trust’.

But for PHA UK, your charity, these are things that we’ve already been doing for years. We are not limited to one single large, lone donor, or a single source of funding.  Instead, we rely on thousands of individuals supporting us with their own individual acts of kindness.

Being a small charity is often seen as a weakness, however, as we have always said at PHA UK, our size makes us strong. After all, we’re 3,500 voices moving forward together – and with this, anything is possible. Thank you for your continued support.

The team at PHA UK

Last medically reviewed: July, 2016 • July, 2019