PHA UK founders honoured as international pioneers

Two PHA UK founders have been honoured as international pioneers in the fight to raise awareness of PH, advance improvements in treatment and care –  and find a cure.

The USA’s Pulmonary Hypertension Association has named 25 people and groups across the world as ‘Perriwinkle Pioneers’ to celebrate its 25th anniversary and PHA UK trustee Kay Yeowart and chair Iain Armstrong are amongst those identified as playing a ‘unique and distinctive role in changing the history of PH.’ The periwinkle is the emblem of the PHA in the States.

Kay, a PHA UK founder and first volunteer secretary, turned her kitchen table into the nerve centre of the charity’s administration when it was established in 2000. Her son Lewis has PH and Kay travelled to the USA to seek treatment for his condition in the late nineties. She maintains strong two-way links with the PHA in America and was awarded the MBE for her services to PH in 2014.

Founder and chair of PHA UK Dr Iain Armstrong, is PH nurse consultant at Sheffield’s Pulmonary Vascular Disease Unit. He recently graduated as a Doctor of Medical Science in Professional Healthcare Practice at the University of Sheffield, is the first NHS nurse specialist to have studied PH to this level. His thesis investigated the significance of hope in pulmonary hypertension.

Congratulations to both Kay and Iain on being named ‘Perriwinkle Pioneers’!


Last medically reviewed: May, 2016 • May, 2019