PHA UK supports welfare benefits campaign

PHA UK is backing a campaign to encourage more people in financial hardship access the welfare support available to them.

The Benefits Awareness Campaign has been launched by Turn2us following their recent research which shows almost half of low income households are not claiming the welfare benefits and tax credits they could be entitled to.

The research has also shown that a quarter of people with disabilities feel recent welfare benefit changes have made it too difficult to apply.

Simon Hopkins, Chief Executive of Turn2us said: “Shockingly around £15bn in welfare support still goes unclaimed every year, and as our findings show, people often feel that benefits simply aren’t for them. Through our campaign, we want to show that financial hardship can happen for many different reasons and could affect anyone at any time in their lives.

“Welfare benefits exist to provide a vital source of support for people in need, including those who are in-work, and as our research highlights, these can make a positive difference in paying for basic life essentials.”

Through the campaign, Turn2us is urging anyone in need to use its free and confidential Benefits Calculator by clicking at to see what they could be entitled to and how to make a claim. The website also features information on benefits and other help for a range of different circumstances.

For more information about the campaign, please click here


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