Pouting in pink for PH

A ‘selfie challenge’ designed to raise awareness of PH was organised by Kate Jones in memory of her best friend Maddy Hardman.

 Kate, who lives in St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire, set up a Facebook photo campaign to raise money for PHA UK and generate awareness of the condition. She asked friends to upload photos of themselves wearing pink and pouting, with a caption describing PH and its symptoms. People posting selfies were also encouraged to include details of how to donate £3 to PHA UK by texting ‘MADZ95 £3’ to 70070.

 The hashtags #PinkForMaddy and #PoutForPH were used alongside the selfies, and the campaign caught the attention of Kate’s local newspaper, who published a story about it. Text donations totalled almost £400.

 Maddy, who lived in Shenley, Hertfordshire, died in December last year aged 20, a year after being diagnosed with PH.

 Kate said: “I was sitting on Facebook one day looking through old photos, and one popped up that showed Maddy and I on a school visit to Iceland back in 2011. I realised that she had been displaying signs of illness on that trip, but it took another three years for her to be diagnosed, and it hit home how important it is to raise awareness of PH and its symptoms. That’s when I had the idea of the selfies.”

 Kate set up a JustGiving page when Maddy died and along with launching her Facebook campaign, she took part in the Rock Solid 10k mud run in Exeter earlier this year. Altogether, including general donations and with help from Maddy’s family, the page has raised over £5,000 with gift aid for PHA UK. Kate is pictured with Maddy, who is on the right of the photo.



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