Put up posters & share information sheets

An easy and effective way to support PH Day UK!

Display our eye-catching posters on noticeboards or in your window and get people talking about PH. Why not ask your local shops or cafes if they will display one too?

Download and print your poster here

New! Information sheets

Our brand new info sheets have been designed to help others understand more about what PH is and how it affects people.

SHEET 1: About PH

This leaflet explains what PH is, its symptoms, and how it is treated.

Download this sheet here

SHEET 2: Supporting someone with PH

This leaflet contains advice on supporting someone with PH, and is ideal to share with family, friends, or colleagues.

Download this sheet here

Why not email a copy of these info sheets to all your contacts, or print and display somewhere public?

No printer? No problem! We’d be very happy to post you some posters and leaflets to help you support PH Day UK. Simply send an email to or call 01709 761450.