“Our COVID-19 vaccine experiences”

Julie Royle, who has PH, received her first jab on 22nd January in Manchester


Other experiences of people with pulmonary hypertension:

“I had my the Astra-Zeneca (Oxford) vaccine yesterday. It was extremely well organised, with 7 areas all vaccinating at once. The side effects were well explained to me, and the only side effect I have is a sore arm. I was told it would be up to 12 weeks for the next one, but probably earlier. I’m very grateful to have had it done.” – Jayne Venables

“I had mine through the care home I work in, it was well organised, with social distancing. I had a sore and swollen arm for 24 hours afterwards but no other effects” – Karan Gartside

“It was very organised and I felt very safe!” – Julie Greenway

“I had my vaccine yesterday. Sore arm but fine” – Suzy Spencer-Boyce

“I had my covid jab a few days ago, everything went well, and no complications!” – Judith Wilding

“My husband (85) and I had our vaccines a few days ago. Very impressed with the organisation, in and out in 30 mins including 15 minutes of waiting to make sure no ill effects. Next appointments were made as we were leaving. Painless and no after side effects” – Sylvia Kent

“I had the Pfizer vaccine a few days ago and I feel fine, no side effects just a sore arm. The medical centre I went to was really lovely and caring and it put me to ease” – Bisma Hussain

“Because I’m at medical school I had my vaccine (Pfizer) the second day it came out as I was on placement in obs & gynae. It was super organised, lovely staff, absolutely no side effects. Unfortunately all the second vaccines got cancelled before I had mine but I’m grateful I had the first” – Katie Thorne

“I had the Oxford vaccine at my local medical centre. It was operating with military procession, I was in and out in 20 mins, just a sore arm for 24hrs and no ill effects.” – James, Oxford

“I had my Pfizer covid vaccine few days ago. On the day, I had a bit of redness around injection site and sore arm for 2 days. The place was very organised and felt safe (social distancing, cleaning chairs after every use).” – Magdalena Chliweka