Could you share your experiences?

We’re working with clinical psychologists to develop a self-help programme for people with pulmonary hypertension who struggle with depression, and we’d like to get your input.

It’s important for us to include real (anonymous) experiences in the programme, so if you’d be happy to tell us about your own situation, please complete the form below.

We’d like to hear from anyone who has experienced depression since being diagnosed with PH, even if it was in the past.

Sharing your experiences will really help others, and there is no need to include your name. 

You may leave any of the sections blank if you wish. If you are currently struggling with depression, you’ll find details of support organisations here

Your experiences of depression and PH

Your name will not be published anywhere and your contact details will be used by the PHA UK only for the purpose of this project.
By completing this form, you consent to the PHA UK publishing the words you have provided (without your name) to produce tools and resources for people with PH who are struggling with depression. Please tick this box to confirm you are happy with this.(Required)