Online forums

Our private Facebook groups are a valuable source of support and advice from people who truly understand. Each group has a strict screening process to ensure those requesting to join are genuine, so you can be confident of privacy. They are safe spaces to talk to other people with similar lived experiences.

PHA UK Official Facebook group

This is our original forum, which now has almost 2500 members. It’s a very active group, with responsive members who offer advice and support at all times of the day and night.

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PHA UK Official Carers Group

This forum is exclusively for family members, loved ones, and anyone who provides care or support for someone with pulmonary hypertension. Set up in 2021, it is growing to become a valuable source of connection.

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Phighting On: Life after loss to PH

This group was set up by PHA UK members with our support. It is a safe space for families and friends to support each other, share their experiences, feelings and memories –  and connect with others that have experienced loss due to PH.

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PH Parents UK

This group has been set up independently of the PHA UK, and is run by a collection of parents. It is a dedicated space for parents and guardians of children with PH.

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