About the PHA UK

About the PHA UK

The Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA UK) is the only charity in the UK dedicated to people with the rare disease, pulmonary hypertension (PH).

Set up in 2000, PHA UK has grown to a membership of over 3,500. The PH community is like no other – a unique group of people committed to supporting each other and raising awareness of this serious condition in the hope of one day, finding a cure.

  • We support PH patients and their families to enjoy a better quality of life
  • We work closely with healthcare professionals to improve time to diagnosis and treatment
  • We lobby to ensure PH is on the political agenda
  • We provide research grants to individuals, hospitals and specialist PH centres to improve the way PH is treated and managed.
  • We organise our own training and provide educational grants to help healthcare professionals obtain the specialist skills required to treat people with PH
  • We undertake a wide range of media activity to raise awareness of pulmonary hypertension
  • We organise events for members with an emphasis on interaction, fun and education
  • We provide members with an engaging quarterly magazine, encouraging them to share their own PH stories and feel part of a community

As well as supporting people living with PH, we also work to raise awareness of the condition. Pulmonary hypertension can severely affect a patient’s quality of life, but the condition is not widely understood in the UK and can often be mistaken for high blood pressure.

This is where the PHA UK comes in. We are committed to helping raise awareness of the condition among the general public, healthcare professionals, policy makers, funders, and politicians, to help improve the lives of people living with PH.

Last medically reviewed: June, 2017 • Due for review: June, 2020