Support for family and friends

When someone is diagnosed with a condition like pulmonary hypertension, it can affect family and friends as well as the patient themselves.

Feelings of concern, sadness and anger are all very normal emotions, and can continue throughout a loved one’s journey with PH.

Membership of the PHA UK is open to anyone affected by PH, including friends and family of those diagnosed.

Finding out more about pulmonary hypertension can help you understand and support someone living with the condition. As well as the information found on this website, we also produce publications and resources around specific topics – including welfare and benefits, relationships, clinical research, emotional impact, and much more. Find the full range and order for free here.

Friends and family who are struggling can also access our Listening Line to talk things through with experienced PH professional and PHA UK team member Paul Sephton (pictured). Find out more here

Care givers

Caring for someone with PH can be physically and emotionally demanding, especially as, for many, the condition can deteriorate over time.

If the patient is in contact with a social worker, they can offer guidance, support and advice to you as a carer. You may also be eligible for financial assistance in the form of benefits; click here for more details.

At PHA UK we can also signpost you to further help and support. Please contact us to find out more.

Our private Facebook group for unpaid carers is a safe, supportive space to connect with others and share experiences and advice, without judgement. Click here to join. 

Real experiences

You can read a range of experiences from partners, carers and loved ones on our lifestyle website here.