Get involved with the PHA UK

Get involved with the PHA UK

Be part of the PHA UK community by helping us raise awareness of pulmonary hypertension and supporting our work.

Every year we work hard to ensure that people affected by PH can access our support services, and that more people know about the condition.

We educate health professionals, campaign around issues affecting patients and families, and bring people together for conferences and events. We also fund research into treatments, and ultimately, a cure.

Becoming a member of PHA UK is free, and membership is open to anyone with an interest in PH.

We receive no government funding so our members and supporters play a vital part in helping people affected by PH. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

We rely heavily on fundraising to enable us to continue our work and there are lots of ways you can help, from organising your own event to sponsoring someone taking on a challenge. Click here for ideas and inspiration.

You can also give the gift of time by volunteering with us – give us a call on 01709 761450 to find out what opportunities are available.

Sharing your experiences with PH helps other people make sense of what they are going through. And even just talking about the condition with family and friends can make a difference.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter and be part of the PH conversation online too.

The more voices there are, the louder we can shout – so get involved and help us to help people affected by pulmonary hypertension. 

Last medically reviewed: September, 2020 • Due for review: September, 2023