Emotional support via our Listening Line

Specialist support from someone who understands

We all need a listening ear, and our Listening Line support service gives you dedicated time with a PH professional to talk through any worries or concerns you have relating to your emotional or mental wellbeing.

Talking to someone who already understands PH means you don’t have to explain your condition first.

This free, confidential supportive call service is available to all PHA UK members and their family and friends.

This is not a counselling or therapy service, but a chance to offload your worries, or talk through any concerns that are troubling you. Perhaps you want to discuss something without worrying your family? Or you feel you have no-one to talk to? Sometimes simply talking things through with someone completely impartial can take a weight off your shoulders or help you work things out in your mind.

Weekly appointments last for 45 minutes and are available in blocks of six. You can use the time to talk through anything that is troubling you and we can also signpost you to further support, for example via your local NHS mental health services, if required.

Please note this service is not intended to replace clinical advice from your specialist centre team.

Book an appointment or make an enquiry

Please complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange a supportive call at a time to suit you. You may be contacted by any member of the team to arrange your call, but the call itself will be with Paul.

Got any questions about the service? Email or call 01709 761450

The Listening Line is manned by Paul Sephton, a PHA UK team member and former specialist PH nurse. Paul has worked in the field of PH for 15 years and is a skilled and patient listener, with many years of experience of helping people with their worries.

Paul is not a trained counsellor, so these sessions do not replace specialist mental health support. However, Paul has already helped many members in this way and the positive feedback has prompted us to formalise the support service and promote it to all.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Nothing discussed during the calls will be shared without the express permission of the service user. The only exception is where we may have concerns about someone’s safety. Your contact details will be kept on file so that any member of the PHA UK team can contact you for admin purposes related to this service, for example in the event of having to reschedule a call.