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EmPHAsis on Air is hosted by PHA UK team members Shaun, John and Mary, with regular special guests. It brings the pages of our award-winning magazine EmPHAsis to the airwaves with chat, advice and analysis.

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Self-help for PH, anxiety & depression

PH can often go hand-in-hand with anxiety, but there are strategies and tools available to help. For this episode, we are joined by clinical psychologist Dr Gregg Rawlings to talk about the PHA UK resources that are currently available, and an important new study into coping as a carer. You can order ‘Overcoming Worry & […]

30 June 2022

Celebrating your support

We’ve seen some amazing fundraising activity recently, and we’re so grateful for the support that our community gives us to help us continue our work. We’ve dedicated this special episode to the kindness of our supporters, and we hope you enjoy hearing about some of the challenges, events, and donations that are making such a […]

21 April 2022

Healthcare in a war: The situation in Ukraine

For people with serious health conditions caught up in the conflict in Ukraine, the situation is desperate. On 18th March, we caught up with Dr Joanna Pepke-Zaba, a pulmonary hypertension expert with links to European efforts to get help to people affected by this disease. Dr Pepke-Zaba, who is based in Cambridge, joined us from […]

21 March 2022

Clinical Trials: Why your opinions matter

Important research into new treatments for pulmonary hypertension is happening all the time, and people living with the condition play a vital role in these studies. In this episode, we are joined by Cambridge researchers Joe Newman and Dr Mark Toshner, to talk about a promising new drug trial and how you can help shape […]

16 March 2022

HRT & pulmonary hypertension

In this special episode dedicated to a very important subject, we are joined by special guest Dr Neil Hamilton to talk about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and what women with PH need to consider when accessing it to reduce symptoms of the menopause. Neil also discusses the current proposal to make some types of HRT […]

4 March 2022

Navigating the benefits system

We understand that applying for benefits can be frustrating (to say the least!), and this episode explores the range of support that’s available from the PHA UK. Our biggest piece of advice is don’t give up! Our own research shows that 52% of applicants with PH were turned down the first time they applied for […]

11 February 2022

All about our Listening Line

Almost a year on from the launch of our Listening Line service, we’re joined by resident ‘listening ear’ and former PH nurse Paul Sephton, to hear how this special support is helping those going through a tough time. To find out more about the Listening Line, or request a call-back, please visit our website. You […]

14 January 2022

Support from our online forums

Although the PHA UK team is taking a break over Christmas, our private Facebook forums are there 24 hours a day for advice, support and understanding from other people affected by pulmonary hypertension.  In this episode, we introduce you to the different groups available, and bring you details of a special helpline for older people […]

21 December 2021

21 years of support

2021 marked the 21st anniversary of our charity, and in this special episode, we chat to co-founders Iain Armstrong and Kay Yeowart about the incredible journey we’ve all been on. As well as looking back on the difference the PHA UK has made, the pair explain how nothing could be achieved without the unwavering support […]

19 December 2021

Your role in our research

In this episode, we explain how our PH community plays such an important role in our research – and why it matters so much. Plus, if you’re planning to support us with a challenge or event next year, listen to our associate designer run through everything you can expect from one of our new fundraising […]

26 November 2021