Have you had COVID-19?

We know that lots of people with pulmonary hypertension have tested positive for COVID-19 over the last two years or so, and many will have different experiences.

Following requests from our members, we are keen to share some of these experiences so that others in the PH community feel more informed to make decisions around what they do.

If you have tested positive at any point over the last couple of years, please tell us what happened using the short form below. We will then add your experiences to a web page so that other people in the PH community can read about them.

You have the option to remain anonymous if you wish; simply tick the box when prompted.

Tell us about testing positive for COVID-19

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Please tell us how many vaccinations / boosters, if any, you had received at the time of testing positive.
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We will only contact you using the email address you provide if we need to get in touch about the contents of your submission. Your contact details will not be shared, or used for any other purpose, unless permission has been granted. You can view our privacy policy here.