How do I notify the DVLA that I have PH?

By post

The simplest way is to download a PAH1 form (designed specifically for people with pulmonary hypertension) from the DVLA website here.

This form was developed in conjunction with PH specialists. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for our top tip for completing this form!

Once completed, you can then post to the DVLA using the address provided on the form.

Please note there is a separate form for those with an HGV licence.  

By telephone

You can tell the DVLA of your PH diagnosis by phone or email. Remember to quote your full name, date of birth and/or driver number (if known).

You must also give details of your specific condition so that you can be sent the necessary medical questionnaire. We would advise mentioning the PAH1 form, just in case!

Phone 0300 790 6806 (lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm Saturdays 8am to 2pm). 


There is a web chat facility available here – however this service cannot be used to discuss medical applications or enquiries.

You can make general enquiries via an online form here (select the ‘Drivers Medical’ option)

Top tip for completing your PAH1 form

By Shaun Clayton, Director of Membership Services at the PHA UK

“The following advice is simple but incredibly important. The form will ask how your condition affects you. The DVLA do not want to know how it affects you day-to-day or in general, but how it affects you whilst driving.

Many people contact me saying they have stated on the form that they suffer from extreme fatigue, dizziness and breathlessness. After probing, I often discover they only suffer from these symptoms after light exercise, a long walk or running around after the kids. They do not suffer from these symptoms whilst sitting behind a steering wheel.

Answer the questions on the form based on what you experience whilst driving only.”

Information correct at time of publication: March 2022