Juliet’s story

Juliet has pulmonary hypertension and sarcoidosis and takes oxygen 24 hours a day. She is unable to leave the house, but her specialist physio’s help inspired her to take on a walking challenge in her living room – and she is now determined to stay active.

“During a recent consultation with my PH team, we discussed the possibility that some of my problems were down to not moving enough, and my muscles being so weak, so I was referred to Katie.

At this point, I was barely moving 100 metres a day, so we were pretty much starting from nothing.

Katie suggested to start slowly and work within my limits and I was surprised at how much I could do, once I started. It sparked something in me, and I decided to take on a charity challenge to walk 3km over the course of 30 days, by completing laps of my living room.

It was absolutely Katie’s intervention that gave me the confidence to decide to do this.

Moving more has made me feel more positive. I don’t want to be someone who sits in a chair staring at a TV forever.

Physically, the walking has helped me feel more movement in my limbs and without tempting fate, my lungs and breathing feel better. Plus, I’m hungry for the first time in a year which is great. Because I’m moving, everything seems to work a bit better. If nothing else, doing a little bit of exercise each day just makes everything feel a bit more positive.”