My pandemic

This research project digs deeper into experiences of the COVID-19 crisis within the PH community.

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“People living with pulmonary hypertension made huge sacrifices throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to protect the NHS. We must never forget what they and their loved ones did, the challenges they faced, and the strength and resilience they showed.”

Dr Iain Armstrong, Chair, PHA UK

People with pulmonary hypertension were affected in different ways during the pandemic, but all were classed as clinically extremely vulnerable to the virus. It is important that their experiences are understood, and the aim of this project is to bring what they went through to life.

It’s not just those with a diagnosis that were affected; this project showcases the experiences of carers and loved ones too.

We spoke to over 30 PHA UK members about their experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This qualitative research follows our previous survey work which investigated people’s experiences of shielding, and of the first 15 months of the pandemic.

You can view both of these reports here.

Whilst this previous research mainly reported statistics, the ‘My Pandemic’ project has been focused on stories, adding important narrative detail to pre-existing findings.

The project also invited the PH community to submit photographs and memories from their pandemic, which now form this online exhibition.

Interviews were conducted during the summer of 2022 and this website was launched in November 2022. We now have a rich collection of voices to ensure lessons are learned and stories from this time are never forgotten.