Pub crawl for PH

Fundraisers Paul Tyack and Kayleigh Snell are working their way around all the Red Lion pubs in the country to raise money for PHA UK.

The couple, who live in Oxon, are raising in money in support of Paul’s five-year-old niece Emily, who has PH.

There are over 600 pubs called The Red Lion and they plan to visit all of them at least once. They hope to reach number 300 by September this year, 12 months after they started the challenge.

Kayleigh said: “The Red Lion is the most popular pub name in the country and that gave us the idea to visit every one of them as a bit of a personal challenge. We are now using our quest to raise money for PHA UK and to help spread the word about the illness.”

Kayleigh and Paul have set up a Facebook page for people to keep up to date with their challenge. You can follow their journey here

They are fundraising online here

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