The 3-stage appeals process

  1. Mandatory Reconsideration

This is where you request that your application is looked at again by the same organisation that reviewed it in the first place. In essence, you’re asking them ‘are you sure you made the right decision?’

  1. Appeals Application

This is a more formal process that requires you to send either a letter or an application (dependant on the benefit) to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), expressing your dissatisfaction with the initial outcome of your application. Tell them that you’re not happy and would like to push this matter further.

  1. Review Panel

Unfortunately, in some cases, your application may need to be pushed this far. If the outcome to your appeal is not to your liking then you can ask that your application be reviewed by a panel of trained medical professionals (in many cases this is the first time your application will be looked at by a medical professional). People often tell us that it’s at this stage they finally feel like they are being listened to and understood.


**Don’t be afraid to appeal!**

Around 80% of people who appeal eventually get what they deserve.


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*All information correct as of January 2018*