EmPHasis-10 questionnaire

The EmPHasis-10 questionnaire is used during clinical assesments to determine how pulmonary hypertension affects someone’s life. Developed by the PHA UK in association with the University of Manchester, the tool is now used all over the world.

We have made two version available on this page, for use during remote assessments.


Download the reference-only version of the questionnaire by clicking here


This version of the questionnaire can be filled in online and returned to your specialist via email. Download and fill in the questionnaire by clicking here

How to return the questionnaire:

  1. Open the PDF by clicking the link above
  2. Fill in the questionnaire using your mouse, by clicking in the box which best describes your experience of each statement
  3. Save the document to your desktop
  4. Email it to your specialist using the email address provided


The PHA UK and the University of Manchester retain copyright of EmPHasis-10. If you want to reproduce it for commercial reasons, please email office@phauk.org

Last medically reviewed: May, 2020 • Due for review: May, 2023