What happens after I’ve notified the DVLA?

Once the DVLA have received your completed PAH1 form, if they deem there is no immediate concern about your fitness to drive, a medical questionnaire will be sent to the consultant you name on your form. This is for confirmation of how your PH symptoms affect you.

A decision will then be made as to whether you are able to keep your licence, and whether this will be reviewed every 12 months or three years. (You will be sent reminders prior to renewal dates).  

Please be aware that for various reasons, including the coronavirus pandemic, there may be delays in the receipt of medical questionnaires and therefore the processing of licensing decisions.  Our experience has shown that the time that people wait for a decision varies greatly between individuals. There does not appear to be a correlation between wait times and the decision made, so please do not worry if you haven’t heard anything for a while.

Information correct at time of publication: March 2022