NEWS: Another quality mark for our resources

Posted on June 27th 2022

Following a rigorous assessment, our information resources have been re-certified with a Patient Information Forum (PIF) quality mark.

The ‘PIF TICK’ is only awarded to organisations who follow high quality standards when producing health information and at the PHA UK we have now achieved this for the second year running.

To be awarded the PIF TICK an organisation must show its health information production process meets the following criteria:

  1. Systems:  Information is created using a consistent and documented  process.
  2. Training: Staff receive ongoing training and support.
  3. Need: Resources meet a genuine need.
  4. Evidence: Information is based on reliable, up-to-date evidence which is communicated clearly.
  5. Involving users: Users are involved in the development of information.
  6. Health inequalities: Information is written to meet health and digital literacy, language and accessibility needs of the target audience.
  7. Content and design: Information is clearly communicated, easy to access and navigate.
  8. Feedback: There is a clear process for users to provide feedback.
  9. Disseminating: Information is promoted to maximise reach.
  10. Impact: The impact of information is measured.

The resources produced by the PHA UK include publications and leaflets, videos, and our member magazine.