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On Monday 29th April, the UK Government announced proposals to make major changes to the disability-benefits system, in a bid to reduce spending on Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

We know that many people with PH rely on PIP, and they are concerned by this news. That’s why we’ve written to Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride to express our disappointment - and indeed, our anger - that people in need are once again being vilified by the system set up to support them.

You can read our letter here

The proposed changes are subject to a 12-week consultation, ending on 23rd July, and they include moving away from a ‘fixed cash-benefit system’ so that people would no longer receive a regular benefit payment. The payments would be replaced by one-off grants (for things such as home adaptations), vouchers, or directly-funded access to treatments.  

It is very unlikely there will be enough time for the changes to be implemented before the general election - which is expected to take place before the end of 2024 - but it’s important that we send a clear and united message to this and any future government.

We simply cannot stand by and watch people who need support fail to receive it because of government failures.  

Our letter has also been sent as an official response to the consultation. You can send your own response by clicking here.