Care needed by patients on the use of IV cleaning products

Posted on April 30th 2020

A letter from the UK’s specialist PH centres and the PHA UK

As a result of the coronoavirus pandemic, there has been a huge rise in global demand for cleaning and hygiene equipment.  Shortages of gowns and masks have been well publicised in the media and everyone in healthcare has a duty to use protective equipment safely but responsibly.

The products used by patients on intravenous (IV) epoprostenol and iloprost are no different.  Every month, homecare companies deliver gloves, wipes, swabs and alcohol gel along with the medication itself.  These are all regarded as ‘personal protective equipment (PPE)’ as they are essential to safeguard against infections. 

Homecare companies have stock of these items at the moment, but in order to guarantee safety for patients with PH, we all need everyone to be careful and not wasteful.  However well intended, sharing alcohol gel with your household or using the wipes for anything other than your IV preparation area could result in a shortage in the future.

We always have your best interests in mind and for this reason we have asked homecare companies to start taking stock checks of PPE items from now on and until the crisis resolves.  This ensures that we can make sure those in greatest need are never without. 

We would be grateful for your co-operation and doing a regular count is a very good habit for your own peace of mind (not just the stock check call!).

The pharmacists and nurses at your PH centre are working hard with the homecare delivery companies to make sure nobody runs out of medication or PPE.  We have made sure that PH patients have been prioritised by delivery companies through this difficult time.  If, despite this, you have any concerns about your supplies and the delivery companies can’t help you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your centre.

From the teams at the UK’s specialist pulmonary hypertension centres and the PHA UK