CTEPH & coronavirus

The below update came from Dr John Cannon, director of the PH service at Royal Papworth Hospital, on 26th March at 2.15pm

The Directors of the National PH Centres have submitted an application to NHS England to get PH recognised in the extremely vulnerable group of patients. If this is accepted (as it should be) then PAH and CTEPH patients should start to receive letters/texts and if not, they will be able to self-register. (By following this link)

Not having a letter shouldn’t be a problem when self-registering. The problem will be if they do not recognise PH in the extremely vulnerable group but hopefully this should be sorted (see above).

My strong advice is that if you have any form of PH, including CTEPH (except for those with CTEPH who have had pulmonary endarterectomy surgery with no residual PH, and aren’t taking any PH therapy) you should be self-isolating for your own safety.

If you have PAH or CTEPH (with the exception of those mentioned above in bold) your employers should not try to force you to work away from home.”

Last medically reviewed: April, 2020 • Due for review: April, 2023