NEWS: Fixed term benefit reviews for people with long-term conditions in Scotland to end

Posted on March 17th 2022

People in Scotland claiming benefits for long-term health conditions like pulmonary hypertension will no longer need to endure fixed term reviews for their payments.

Under Scotland’s social security system, Adult Disability Payment will replace the UK Government’s Personal Independence Payment (PIP). It will open for new applications in the pilot areas of Dundee, Perth and Kinross, and the Western Isles, from this Monday (21st March).

Disabled people on the highest components of the new benefit and whose needs are highly unlikely to change will be eligible for an “indefinite award”. In effect, this will mean they will not be subject to reviews and can rely on their new benefit into the long-term.

People with ongoing awards of Personal Independence Payment and Disability Living Allowance do not need to make an application for Adult Disability Payment. They will be contacted from this summer to let them know when their awards will automatically be moved safely and securely to Adult Disability Payment.

Responsibility for adult disability benefits will start to be passed from the UK Government to the Scottish Government next week.

“Under the UK Government’s Personal Independence Payment, similar awards have generally been reviewed between every 2 to 10 years. However, disabled people tell us that even review periods of 10 years can create stress and anxiety. That is why we have decided to introduce indefinite awards – we are determined to do things differently and build a more compassionate system in Scotland.”

Ben Macpherson, Minister for Social Security