Green light for a ground-breaking study to maximise PH treatment results

Posted on December 21st 2021

A PHA UK-supported study using remote monitoring technology to help patients get the best results from their PH medication has received the go-ahead from funders.

The Phoenix study will use small implants to provide daily data similar to that gained from a right heart catheterisation. This data will be provided wirelessly to the hospital team via mobile phone, with the aim of ‘personalising’ medicine for the best outcomes for individuals.

Implanted at the time of right heart catheterisation, one small device (3.5x2x15mm) will sit in the pulmonary artery and the other (9x3x49mm) just under the skin on the chest.

In March 2021, the PHA UK conducted a survey amongst its members to ascertain whether there would be support for the cutting-edge study from the PH community. The results, which can be viewed here, were overwhelmingly positive.

These findings were used as part of a funding bid for the study, which will begin with the first patient around September 2022. Patients from all the PH centres around the UK will have the opportunity to take part.

The study is being led by Dr Alex Rothman and Dr Jen Middleton, cardiologists at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. The study will be available at all the national PH centres.

Dr Rothman said: “I’m excited to be able to offer this opportunity to patients and I’m looking forward to getting started on preparations in the new year.

“The PHA UK has been exceptionally supportive of the study, and we are hugely thankful to them for their willingness to engage in the survey undertaken earlier in the year. We look forward to further discussions on the study and value greatly the opportunity to work together on it.”