Important notice – inaccurate updates about requirements to shield

Posted on May 27th 2020

Updated 3rd June 2020

We have discovered that some people with pulmonary hypertension have been receiving notices advising them they no longer need to follow government advice to shield. These notices have come via a text message from the National Shielding Service or a letter from a GP practice.

The notices state that consequently, food deliveries organised by National Shielding Services will be stopped.

If you receive a notice like this in the near future it should be ignored. If you have pulmonary hypertension, it is vital that you continue to shield.

If you have already received a similar notice, please contact your specialist centre straight away. Please also let us know by emailing

At the PHA UK we continue to ensure that the information provided on our own website and communication materials is up-to-date and accurate, with the support and endorsement of the specialist centres.

Below is an example of a text message that has been received.