NEWS: New publication to help people live well with PH

Posted on May 17th 2022

Our new guide to palliative care aims to help people with PH understand how this type of care could help them and their families.

As well as the facts, the book contains several stories from people who have experienced palliative care with PH, either as a patient or a loved one. It also captures the voices of PH professionals who are experienced in palliative care too.  

The guide includes a separate Anticipatory Care Plan booklet, tucked inside the back cover, to help people plan for the future.

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We have produced this resource to fill a vital information gap after our own research highlighted the clear need for a publication on this topic.

In a 2020 survey, 99% of our members said they would find information and resources about palliative care and its role in supporting people with PH useful.

The same survey also revealed some common misconceptions about palliative care and this new guide aims to tackle those myths, and bring you the truth about what is important to you.

“We hope this resource will educate, inform, and spark important conversations. Ultimately, we want to help our community benefit from this supportive care and enjoy living well with pulmonary hypertension.”

Dr Iain Armstrong, Chair, PHA UK