New resource to help people prepare for benefits assessments

Posted on February 22nd 2021

A new resource, published by the PHA UK, aims to help people prepare effectively for their benefits assessment.

The free toolkit tackles evidence and key phrases, covers the role of carers / loved ones and unpicks the assessment process to help claimants understand exactly what to expect and when.

The publication also includes handy checklists and preparation forms, and space for people to record their own notes, prompts and reminders.

Shaun Clayton, director of membership support at the PHA UK, said: “We strongly believe everyone should be given the support they are entitled to. Having PH is not your fault, and it can make life challenging, so the process of accessing the benefits you are entitled to shouldn’t compound that situation. It’s important to remember that you’re not on your own; we’re here to help you fight your corner.”

Order your free benefits assessment toolkit here