New web area to help with decisions around work

Posted on September 1st 2021

A new PHA UK web area has been launched to help people make decisions about working with pulmonary hypertension.

Featuring FAQs, videos and a range of real experiences, content includes information about ill health retirement, working rights and where to turn to for additional support.

Highlights include:

Salina Issory’s experiences of taking a career break to adjust to IV medication

Bob Owens’s decision to give up his job as a butcher

Susan Spash’s experiences of working full time in a demanding role with PH

Billy McFarlane’s resignation as an HGV driver

Wendy Rowley’s search for a job that suits her limitations

Fiona Ballantyne’s experiences of taking ill health retirement

Tess Jewson’s story of making a success of part time work as a music therapist

We hope that whatever your working circumstances, you find reading and listening to the experiences of others helpful. Please contact the PHA UK team on 01709 761450 or if we can be of any assistance in this area.