NEWS: “Our experiences of COVID-19”

Posted on April 22nd 2022

With restrictions having lifted across the UK, we know that some people with pulmonary hypertension are still very nervous about ‘normal life’ resuming. Following feedback from our members, who told us they would find it helpful to hear from those with PH who have contracted COVID-19, we asked for people’s experiences. Every one we received is included on this page.

“When reading these accounts, it is important to note that being up-to-date with vaccinations has clearly had a big impact on the severity of symptoms these people have experienced. It provides strong evidence that COVID-19 vaccines and boosters provide significant protection from severe disease, preventing hospital admissions. For that reason I would urge everyone with PH, and their friends and family, to ensure they are fully vaccinated – and take up offers of booster jabs when available. Thank you to all our members who have shared their personal experiences.”

Dr Iain Armstrong, Chair, PHA UK