Get social

Social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways of raising awareness of PH!

We’ll be making shareable graphics available soon, so you can simply download and spread the word on your feeds on Friday 3rd November.

Don’t forget the hashtags!


#WhyAreWeStillWaiting (use this to share posts about the time it takes to be diagnosed).

Please tag us in your posts so we can share them for you.

Snap some selfies

Why not post some photos with our ‘selfie cards’ below? They will be available to download soon. If you don’t have a printer, please email with your address and we’ll happily post them out to you.

These cards are also included in our free PH Day UK awareness pack.

Tell people who you really are. PH does not need to define us!

Download this photo card

Did you wait a long time to be diagnosed with PH? Write in how long it took, and share your photos with details of your experiences and the hashtag #WhyAreWeStillWaiting.

Download this photo card

If you don’t have PH, or you want to show your support in general, this photo card is for you. Why not get pets and little ones involved in your photos?

Download this photo card