Talk to your local media

Sharing your story with your local media will help a lot of people understand more about PH.

Your local media outlet could be a newspaper, radio station, or even a regional TV news programme. You might like to share how PH affects you personally, or how it affects someone you love.

The best thing to do is send the news outlet an email or letter which includes the following information:

  • Where you live, and how old you are
  • Your connection to PH
  • How PH affects you / the person you love (including how you feel physically and emotionally)
  • Information about your treatments
  • Why you want to share your story (and how it coincides with PH Day UK)
  • Your contact details

If you’re not sure who to send your email or letter to, you will be able to find out by calling the main switchboard number for the publication / media outlet. 

A journalist may want to talk to you to find out more, so don’t forget to include your phone number and / or email address when you contact them.

If you would like any advice on contacting your local media, please email